Blue car with scratches

Scratches on your car are annoying and inconvenient, no matter the cause. But, unfortunately, they are a part of life; paint scratches can range from surface scratches to deep paint scratches; no matter the size, the best practice is to repair the scratch quickly. Let’s take a look at why:

It Prevents Further Damage

Often scratches seem small and harmless, but even minor scratches can negatively affect your vehicle’s overall health. Scratches can lead to rust, which can eat into the underlying metal structure of your vehicle’s frame. A great way to avoid rust and the damage that comes with it is to treat your car with ceramic coating regularly. Ceramic coating can help protect your vehicle’s paint by making it scratch-resistant. If you’ve found a scratch in your paint, a quality buffing job will help.

It Helps You Address Underlying Issues

One thing to consider when you’re getting a scratch repaired is that on occasion there is more damage than meets the eye. For example, most cars have flexible bumper covers, meaning that your bumper can appear intact after a front or rear-end collision but sometimes can hide bent metal underneath. These minor issues can lead to a less stable vehicle which will cause a more significant problem down the road. Having a professional regularly inspect your car as it’s detailed and the scratches are buffed out allows another set of eyes on your vehicle to alert you of changes and issues you might not have noticed. So you can address them before they escalate.

It Can Prevent Paint from Wrinkling

When scratches are left untreated, there is always a chance that the area can have further issues. Sometimes the surrounding paint can begin to wrinkle or whither; this is especially true in harsh climate conditions or if your car is stored outside. Paint wrinkling can lead to rust which is hard to treat and best to avoid. Hiring a professional to buff your car’s exterior can help treat scratches and prevent further damage. Car detailing is one of those key services that will help you love your car. In fact 97% of Americans will turn to car detailing at some point to help maintain the beauty of their vehicle.

Who Can I Call To Help

At Mr. Refurbisher, we offer various services to help protect the exterior of your car. From detailing to ceramic coating to exterior buffing, we are here to help. Our mobile detailing service allows you to schedule your car’s maintenance on your schedule—no need to worry about long lines or wasted time when you work with us. We’ve been helping auto owners in Charlotte, NC, for years. Our technicians will show up on your schedule, take care of your car like it’s our own and alert you to any further issues that may need treatment. So you can rest easy if you need scratch removal, car detailing, or more. You get the best when you work with us; contact us today to get started!

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