A fleet of commercial vehicles

When it comes to the company vehicle, it is just as essential to keep it clean as it is one’s personal car, truck, or van. Business automobiles often get a lot of wear and tear from being used 40 hours a week but keeping them clean and tidy is critical to health, safety, appearance, and even the lifespan of the vehicle. However, with different employees in and out of the vehicle all day, every day, it can be challenging to keep it as clean and tidy as it was when it first started out on the road. If you are a business owner considering your options for keeping commercial vehicles clean, you may want to consider some of these practical strategies and tips suggested by Mr. Refurbisher of the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.

How can I keep my company vehicle clean?

Below are just a few recommendations from our automobile detailing company regarding the best tips for maintaining a cleaner vehicle:

· Set a regular cleaning schedule. The best way to keep an automobile clean is to develop a strict cleaning schedule that works for yourself or your employees. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how often the vehicle is used. This eliminates dirt buildup that can lead to more serious problems such as rust. Keeping the vehicle clean requires both interior and exterior cleaning, as well as removing dust, dirt, and even other particles on the inside of the vehicle that can affect air quality for your employees. Exterior cleaning is needed to protect paintwork as well.

· Use the right cleaning products. Just as you choose different cleaning products for different surfaces in your home, you need to select the proper products for cleaning the interior and exterior of your company vehicle. Use cleaning products that will not cause damage to the vehicle. If your car, truck, or van has leather seats in the interior, choose a product that cleans leather while maintaining moisture to keep it from drying out and cracking in the future. Choose a soap for the exterior of the car that is safe to use on vehicles with special paintwork or decals.

· Encourage employees to care for the vehicle. Be sure you have products available to help your employees be more proactive in keeping the car clean, such as wipes and trash bags, to address immediate cleanliness concerns. Also, rules and policies should be set about what can and cannot be done in the van, such as smoking cigarettes or eating food.

· Hire a professional cleaning service. When all else fails, it may be time to hire out cleaning services to keep your company vehicles in tip-top shape! With Mr. Refurbisher, we can pick up where your employees left off! We use specialized cleaning equipment and products to ensure a deep clean of your car, truck, or van. We will clean the interior and exterior, shampooing the inside carpets and upholstery and vacuuming deep crevices. Our team can be hired on a regular basis or “as needed” to maintain your business automobiles over the years.


Call Mr. Refurbisher for all your vehicle detailing needs!

To keep work vehicles clean over time requires regular attention and consistent efforts. With a clean vehicle, you show your clients and customers that you are committed to presenting a professional image regardless of your company’s services. If it has been some time since your company vehicles have gotten the care and attention they need, it’s time to contact Mr. Refurbisher for automobile detailing. If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, you are invited to call (704) 222-1009 or email us at info@mrrefurbisher.com to schedule service for your car, truck, or service van.